October 28, 2016

Majorsgatan 5A, Tiny apartment in Göteborg with a magic closet

...a closet turned into a bedroom is a smart idea if you need to upgrade a tiny studio into a 1-bedroom apartment



October 27, 2016

''Skitso'' A Workshop of handmade decorative objects in Thessaloniki, Greece

Skitso is a workshop in Thessaloniki that makes beautiful handcrafted decorative objects. Their trademark is their table top and floor standing lamps whose bases are girls in various poses. Each and every lamp has its own unique features, and even its own name, triggering our imagination and childhood dreams. Each lamp is produced in limited numbers. High quality meets artistic expression in Xenia's and Tryfonas workshop. These unique pieces are shipped to every corner of  the world. 

Gr. Palama 11, 54622, Thessaloniki, Greece, tel.+30 2310 269822

photos by Aristotelis Hatzikyrou

An apartment with garden on the roofs of Paris

This apartment in Paris with a view of the Sacré-Coeur has a Parisian modern decoration  and it's in perfect harmony with the lush garden on the rooftop. As an urban cocoon, the terrace of this apartment offers an idyllic view, in central Paris.

October 26, 2016

A Swedish cottage in delightful colors

The spirit of nature lives in this beautiful cottage in the Swedish forest.
The blue-green tones create harmony, balance and a fresh impression of the space while muted beige colors
add warmth and a cozy atmosphere.